Connecting the world with multilingualism

Unplug daily using
Christ-centered mantras

Multilingualism With
Sound Medicine 

In just 10 minutes, every day, twice a day, as you focus on the sound, you will become more fluent than you realize, immersing in that world exclusively while creating a stronghold against distraction and neurological disease.

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A Call to Gather

In 1971, President Henry B. Eyring met with a Select Committee to plan for and prepare us with behaviors, attitudes, and skills needed for the Lord to be able to come again. (I Will Lead You Along, The Life of Henry B. Eyring)

Third on the list was health and nutrition for a peaceful, happy life.

Fourth was to be bilingual, with English as a first or second language. 

Today, President Russell M. Nelson pleads with us to increase our spiritual capacity and has invited us to enlist in the Lord's battalion to help gather Israel.

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